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THUS SPAEK TROLLATHUSTRA: part 1: on the geneology of trolllologism

this wholesome analysis of the world at its present moment, promises in-depth information on all the religions of the world. that is: materialism, its subreligion atchjewism, and its microcategory kamikazeism. the continents they live in: troll island, eurovision schlager festival, and MANYSANDOMG. and of the inhabitants: /. (also refered to as geeks, stoners, trolls, or muhajeddins daddys - often expressed as JESUS EFF CHRIST!!!), schwabs (also refered to as the MANY HAPPY corporation, cYb3rChR1St666, or those who go by the name of atchjews), and those who like stupid blondes and are stupid blondes, and want a world of 500 million stupid blondes (also refered to, as, muslims).

NUMBER ONE, is the audiocast, presented in lucious 5.1 sound (that is, approximately 5 words per second, and one image to fap to. the image holds the sexually frustrated trolls in check, while the words, going at TAX (the thinking speed of a troll / dog hybrid) 5, works better than MLK ULTRLLS mind control treatment).

PART NUMERO 10.135983216578235628 (pronounced WNP in troll-speak) of.. many? is presented heresuch in the comments:

the image, brought to you, is of an average troll. its age is about 10000 years old, which, if anything, youll notice by the wholesome sagging of its tits. eventhough this troll has never copulated, and no-one has ever sucked on them (or even touched their bodies in way whatsoever), theyre still all the way down.

when trolls turn 1 million years old, their tits are so saggy, that they can use them as shoes. this is the first achievement that makes a troll many happy. when theyre 1 billion years old, their tits are approximately 10 meters sag (a troll term, as old as the earth itself, used only by nobility), and they can use them as rotorblades, and, thusly, explore the cosmos. then, they turn many many happy.

the reason this troll doesnt look a whole lot like a bitter cunt, is because it was just adorned with a simple t shirt. this was from troll store inc, at the size of MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY LARGE, but as youll notice, this troll is inexorably fat, and it doesnt extend on their arms or stomache.

now, as a troll, you might think its all the fault of the atc jew (a fitting word, since trolls cant enounciate words beyond 3 letters). but, no, its the trolls fault.

the troll headquarters are twitter. as this is really the only place, where you can post 1 image, 1 word, or 1 emoji - over and over again - and still get respect (and not exhaust yourself). respect is EVERYTHING to a troll. if you disrespect them, such as putting a mirror in front of their fugly face - they, just like taking a photo of a stupid blonde (another alien race, completely synthesized in laboratories though, like the GREYS) after they wake up, hung over, and posting it on their NSTA-GRM (called so, because of their automagical state-of-the-art AI thinalizer filter, which, because of ahack many years ago, works with the opposite vlue, thus making every dumb blonde look like their granny) feed, will be bring you many sad for "many days" (MNY DZ in TRL-SPK). how long this is, nobody knows. because no one has ever lived as long as a troll.

couple this with the fact of trolls having approximately 1-3 braincells, of which all of them are encompassed in their tits. and theyll hate you "many many many many time.. things". dont be many sad though, because as they are exclusively female, just like all of the natural kingdom, except for a few, ahem, edits, they have an incredibly empathy. so theyll only think of you, their trolly selves, and their baby - and then their brains are full. on the topic of copulation: since they have no reproductive organs, theyll do it OLD-SKOOL. that is, their tummy says "MANY HUNGRY", which most of the time confuses the non-cyberpunk troll, since it contains above many letters. eventually, they do get it. so theyll pull off one of their ribs, smoke it with their complete storage of blunts (4), boil it, fry it, stir-fry it, marinade it, barbeque it, souse vide it, then disregard the bone. and in a 100 years, just like in the bible, that piece of bone will turn into a humanoid.

for the nubz to be interested though, well talk about a non-stone age phenomena: the first computer (aka MANYTHINK). it was made by the eminent troll scientist charles babbage (CRL BBG in the native tongue), at least many 100 years ago, and it was composed of 4 trolls. since the average troll can count to 3 - although, dont let this fact fool you. the median memory capacity and processing power of a troll is actually 1. and they dont count zeroes. so the only thing theyre able to think about is themselves. which makes sense, as theyre the worst egoists in existance. though, this troll depicted is horridly fat, there are skinny trolls as well, composed of a 1 atom thickness. this is what is in the vaccine - its not graphene, its entirely composed of manysmalltittrollene (one of the most advanced compounds in the TRL world, you would need more than all the trolls in the universe [5] to explain it to the common humanoid).

so, CRL BBG put 4 trolls together. trolls use fuzzy logic in how they express themselves (which can be seen, as every single trolling in existance pass the GGL LGR, as no matter how many quadrillion lines of code they put in, a troll ALWAYS says something original - though, of course, in a incredibly retarded way). BBG was able to harness this energy, by giving them a shower every planck constant. because, if you didnt know, trolls smell like a swamp on uranus. they usually only think about their hygiene when theyve travelled 1 SUNYRFTYM, and at a speed of 1/km per hour, that would equal the life-span of 50 universes.

so, if you have 2½ shittons of pure, undiluted TRL-N³³³, and you use 4 of these in thinkthanks, at the temperature lower than 0 kelvin (sort of like a mix between a nuclear / cold fusion power plant and a quantum computers q-bits - which are actually composed of the highly reactive substance T²²RL-N³³³ - the T stands for tit substance, which how their tits can get so incredible huge, this is how they manufacture silicone tits [SLK-T] for dumb blondes) you dont get 4 calculations per second, you get 4^4 calculations.

this allowed trolls, 256 years later, to use up to 256 different letters, and write up to 256 words per millenia, which broke the twitter barrier. so some trolls emigrated to facebook, twitch, bitchute, and beyond. some say, though this has never been proved, even into IRL - as in, not living under a rock - thats composed of 90% lead ore.

you can never use more than 4 highly developed trolls together (since they are quantum entangled [like 4 pieces of snot in your nose], the distance doesnt matter either), because they dont understand gatherings beyond 4 people, and just kill the many ones (so only notmany victor remains - sort of like global thermonuclear war - something invented by a peaceful talented atchjew, which was many more talented than that manypoor mad scientist slave). since they have no brains whatsoever, they think that beyond a threesome is a manysome, and it cant possible mean there can be more than 4 people ANYWHERE at once.

in the GG GS, it is said, written beyond the stones, on the grass - translated to MUSH SHROOM language (an older version of trolllologisms), that humanity should be kept at a 500 million constant. the problem with the trolls that rule the world though (starting with geniouses such as LCN, NXN, JFK [fitting abreviation huh?], MLK [he got his name - "got milk?" - from the monstrous tits he later removed], GWB, BO, and the genetically modified and superior organism TRMP), is that 500 million is in trollspeak many many trolls, which means 5 trolls of an average intelligence - an incredibly advanced unfathomable illogical number, occuring in the universe at a constant rate beyond a GGL-PLX even.

the son of BBG, FCI, an incredibly intelligent troll scientist of utmost morals, consistency and ageo - whose credentials include the study of AIDS (remember, it was only when microchips got finished in their development in 1991 that select trolls could use 4 letter words) in the 80s, then called the troll-appropriate HIV, in the later parts of many-time (Mhh - the second millenium, expressed in an early form of roman numerals - romans were also trolls, pure egoists, as they had no zero in their calculations, which were purely used for warfare), and being the right-hand man behind TRMP and biden. hes done many happy things for the world, for many sad people, working second-hand to the MANY HAPPY corps. more on that in many more words.

remember, a president can only rule for 8 years. by the sheer stupidity of americas leaders the past 10000 years though

("lol! lets not make permanent settlements! and forget that stupid thing about collecting gold, or having an army! btw, pass the blunt, i need to get higher! [the troll constitution obviously made this a max of 4 times per year though, as their numeralic system couldnt count higher than 4, or theyd get a BSOD which would make all americans die of horrible diseases, which they got from many cheap blankets made in PROC]")

you can rest assure that theyre not doing anything except smoking weed all day. and they, being replicants, only live for 8 years and 1 day. so they have servants, and they can rule behind them for half a century (called the BBL-LLT, or as intelligence officer trolls obfuscative it as - beer and cafe latté).

speaking of blankets, the market for them skyrocketed in 1969 - and 50 years later, as well. back in the old days, they were made by the people of the state in the place where they were to be used. because of the NWO though, in the Mhh, they were all manufactured in PROC.

since the proccers for 200 years have only smoked opium and not done much else, these blankets were littered with all sorts of garbage and diseases in them. so when the HNG-KNG many people many sad happened, and people needed many blankets to sleep on, the CRN was unleashed upon many people.

the mexicans, or MAYA as theyre called by vastly superior TRLs, have though been selling liquid CRN (exceeding the undrinkable amount of.. many litres) for the better part of "at least 100 years ago" (containing, these days, of 90% unadultered toilet water, malt, barley, 0.1% cobra venom extract, some cactus spikes [for the ecological creation of the can], a plethora of colourants and flavours, and non-mentioned trace amounts of mercury, lead, arsenik, plutonium - and wouldnt you know - einsteinium). for some reason, they stopped making CRN in 2012..

but, this didnt make people physically sick, beyond puking constantly, and thus eating disorders were unleashed upon the world. this was unheard in the older days, since trolls were poorer than white trash.

then eminem (a short for "your mom plus my mom", when the sixth troll was born, succeeding the brave cyanide affinidiado, masterpiece painter and likewise warwinner HTLR) happened though, with such inventive multi-L-selling albums such as "the marshal mathers LP", "the marshal mathers LP 2", and "the eminem show" in his track-record - so he and his beloved wife started the marshall and kim foundation (MKF) from the $10 they got for the record deal, in the all-encompassing NWO. as the image shows, this would supply the 5 trolls living in the world today, with very important articles, such as 1 item of clothing, many blunts, and a paper bag for miscellaneus use (puking [also referred to as "many cough"], overcoming many sad, sniffing themselves into a many happy, and picking up many litter from the street, to make manypretty).

5 trolls you say? yep. the number is equilant to the major tectonic plates. its also equilant to all the quantum computers (or, as we say, many trolls in a bunch) divided by many, in the world. as the head of IBM said in 1943: "there is a world market for about 5 computers" (what he really meant is, the world can only handle many many trolls at once, before the average IQ of the populace goes into the negatives).

the MKF got many successfull, and as SR WL BL GTS III (MAMs dad) says, "ive made many times the original investment". hes also said such clever things such as "640k should be enough for anyone", which really meant that the 9-bit kill counter could only get 80 stack overflows in QUAKEWORLD, before the millenial bug-apocalypse happened. and not to forget, the often expressed troll sentiment "LETS CRUSH THEM!!!".

CRN yumyum derivatives, or, beer, as homos (sapiens, that is, i am not being sexist) call them - have, together with smartphones (which drain your energy very similarly to a satanic blood-letting ritual, or listening to a dumb blonde [dumb blonde + smart phone = ? = PROFIT] enunciating the virtues of more than 2 DMB BLND brands they use for make-up, such as RTLS... or the fittingly named ACNE) effectively dumbed down the current populace, that FCI forced many people to get manysmallcomputer in their brains, so they would express many thoughts - going beyond 2 letter words, 2 character emojis, a meme consisting of 1 image and 1 word, or being anything beyond happy, sad, many happy, or many sad. this is refered to as "the great awakening", in L33T SP33K, "the de-tw1tter1zation of soc1ety" (L3-T7, in alchemical notation), or in TRL-SPK "a whole lot of things".

ELN MSK, being a peaceful republican white supremacist violent nazi balding in his 20s anti-flat earther & anti-truckers for freedom, tried to swing this around. instead of allowing only dumb blondes to rule the platform, he would bring interaciality into the deal (remember what happened to that pornographer who tried it?), by mitigating peace between DMB BLNDs and CYB-TRLs.

MSK, having both dyslexia and dyscalculus, and a staggering IQ of 1½, youd wonder how he would pull this feat through. not just the fact that he spent many moneys on twitter, he should also fire many people, because many of the many people, in his many money spent, new many country corporation - are, across the board, blondes, dumb, or even, heaven help him.. dumb blondes.

of note, should be, that by mere mass of the world alone - the trolligion almost its much dumber patriarchal fatherreligion the materialigion. (legend has it, that when GAWD wrote down the BBL together with a ghost, in human form, he sneezed, and STFU on half of the word, thus creating the [atc]jew race). if you use the googleplex, and ask how many atchoos there are in the world, its approximately, simultaneously, 15 million. now, thats not a lot, but sneezes serve a big purpose in the world, feeding MANY HAPPY CORP (TM) (R) many moneys - such as, nose spray containing 99.99% ethylene alcohol (also, refered to, as, whiteboard pens, or "NSTA-DEF") and 0.01% natural vanilla aroma (derived from many cow shit), and other such many smart inventions, such as injecting newborns with a liquid containing manysmall amounts of mercury, since at least 100 years ago (turning everyone into a 1/4 babbage computer). i mean, thats the equilant of chipping off a saltcrystal from a trolls furry skull, or one particle evaporating from a dumb blondes makeup. what difference could it make?

ah.. you know what? during the research of this many connected computer phenomena, and trying to make any sense of TRL-SPK. ive found many freedom, freedom of speech, and many other freedoms. from not having to specify a number which im many times not sure of. (or maybe thats because my TRL-LDY hit me with a manybig club manytimes..)

what if you had the comfort of having the smallest religion in the world? the smallest vocabulary. the smallest male-specific anatomy (because there are no male trolls, just as there are no male humanoid assholes - its only women which acquire fat on their butts). the smallest tax form. and a whole lot of things. "together we can create HVN on YRF", as they say - i believe it now. i am converted!


av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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