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Turtle island


as the old internet adage goes, "never argue with an idiot. they will drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience".

i am very happy for all the latinos who emigrated to sweden. and i know theres a lot more to the human genes than science lets out. it cant just be verbal tradition. because latinos, on the whole, are at the highest frequency of any other populace on earth.

ive literally met a guy from south america, who could be at a 1000 places at once, play like an entire orchestra, and look so deeply into your soul (and improvise songs about it!) it was scary.

as for what the average white guy thinks of the world, just dont care for them. no matter how much "knowledge" they acquire, it will all be filtered through an orthodox christian lens, which corrupts anything which enters it.

oh, by the way, going on the internet and being among "people" IRL now was scary, because, since the middle of the 90s, ive just been into art, music and poetry. (ayahuscua art is breathtaking).

in stockholm, and sweden as a whole too, because of our rich immigration policies, i can safely say now, that i have met people from all over the world. and you know what? ive come to the conclusion, that your society was the greatest to ever have existed. and the dumbing down of the general person, because of TV, and now social media, is sickening.

as for how the portugese managed to trick your continent, i dont know.

(and it wasnt really spaniards. the middle passage has roots in the jewish crusaders, who were sent out in 1100 AD to genocide europes muslims. when all the muslims were gone on the iberian peninsula, thats when the middle passage was enacted)

[by the way, they have x-rayed realistic gold statues from southern america. yep, they contained 100% 24k gold. except for 1 part, the teeth. make of that what you will]

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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