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Twitter trolls incoporated


i remember, in like, lower gradeschool? this dude comes up to me, in wintertime, and asks, "are you skater? are you a basketball player? are you a snowboarder?" nope. "well, you have clothes like that". he had his own style. i mean, the only hole ive found in his character, is that, in upper grades, he once ran out of class, because of a violent nose-bleed. he evidently liked picking his nose a lot. i mean, i did it as well, but not that openly? and for the trolls / spammers / meme lollers / amateurish social engineers, who i oppose. who try to to pick holes in my character by showing how much i suck, with posts like this? go back to eating navel lint. i am an open diary. i dont put on a show (though, i am good at that too, on open mics). i dont pretend to be someone im not. i dont try to build a particular "perfect" character online. no, i dont have multiple accounts either. i am incapable of lying. i know the rest of you though, all have rampant MPD. i dont even have a drunk / office / private personality. because, uh, i dont drink. i started with coffee in my upper thirties. i managed to quit it again, recently (tip of the day: throw away your phone. never look back. there are high quality laptop PCs for 200$. dont do the chromebook route though, theyre like oversized smartphones). my only real addiction, was chocolate, but ive quit that as well. i dont even drink tea, and anyway, id consider it the worst drug on earth. i prefer tapwater, lots of it. icecold water from a natural spring, is the ultimate healing experience. zero side-effects. i could also recommend a simple diet recipe. either buy lime or lemon juice. you could squeeze it yourself, but its cumbersome, and way more expensive. just add 10% sugar (i guarantee, its not a problem, youll lose weight anyway. it works against the sourness effect too), let the tap run for awhile. you could also put the glass under the tap, this will cool it down. putting the glass in the fridge / freezer for awhile, also works (this is how restaurants do it). and just add in a small amount of citrus juice. not a lot is needed, its real potent. hot tapwater works too. no, its not toxic. it actually contains spacebears (ever wondered why warm liquids makes you more satiated? thats why). very nutricious. just dont use water over 80 degrees celcius, since the c-vitamin oxidates then. although, its not biggie, since theres plenty of other anti-oxidants. same goes for out-of-date orange juice (or most things / with ascorbic acid in it). the only thing the date means, is when the c-vitamin has oxidized to a certain degree (the item will then start decomposing / rotting / moulding). you can even store an opened orange-juice package in room temperature for days. i should know. i turned off my fridge and freezer, years ago. #gettherightfrequencies #electricdetox #canddvitamindeficiencyisthenumberonethereasonforalltheworldsillnesses (sort of, zinc is important too. c60 is the ultimate. needs to be stored in pitch-black darkness though. only open the container and take the pill there too. it has 60 free electrons, so its very sensitive to UV light)

av AkariHarakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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