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they need to be named. over and over. rottschild is just the icing on the cake. if anything, its the annunaki. aka, ancient aliens (draconoids), the ones who gene-manipulated stupid monkeys. just enough so we would be able to work as slaves in gold-mines, but never enough to reach enlightenment.

well, they failed. we are now approaching their wisdom, strength and technology. just like theyve done many times in the past, they will destroy us as well, before we reach intra-stellar travel.

we were a lot more evolved in the 1800s. computer-technology and electricity, reduced our frequency. no, 4.3 gigahertz isnt high, its just the max 32-bit integer.

modern society has removed our spirituality altogether.

there was nothing special about the power of thought / prayer, telepathy, telekinesis, flying, teleportation, infinite knowledge (the akashic library), and other superpowers before. nowadays, its a sin to be powerful and wise.

everyone aims to be normal these days. either like the general opinion, or its opposite (as seen on bitchute), but theyre all the same thing. opposite sides of the same coin. two wings of 1 bird.

i am not afraid of nobody. i am wicca. a child of the earth. the universe is my home. i am stronger than any country, leader, party, diety, arch-angel and angel.

because i am the universe, and the universe is me.



av Akari Harakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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