Ultimate reality

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Ultimate reality


in school i was taught that "millions and millions"
of jewish people and "minorities" were killed in concentration camps.

awhile ago i read a true report of what happened;
around 90-95% just got a knock on the door, and a bullet to their head.

of course it's hard to forgive the germans,
but the rest of the world didn't exactly complain in the beginning.

and then you had the berlin wall? and don't forget: in a similar investigation,

i found out that columbus killed more people than hitler and stalin together.

and who do you hear complain about columbus?

and that hell on earth is no longer in new york,
but in the country named after him, all in the name of OIL?

look for the true story, with a good google search,
or duckduckgo or bing or whatever your favorite is,
there can be an instant hit to the ultimate truth.

but you, have to still, in your heart and amygdala
understand and forgive, yourself and others,
for all that's ever happened to you and your family tree.

that's a big responsibility. if you can manage it,
it means the universe, eventually, will rebirth.

and you can choose, in the last remaining dream between you
and your true twin flame, what the next ultimate reality will be.

av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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