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youre right about "dangerous". something you have to know though, that only i push on the entire internet, is that corona isnt the flu, but rather fibromyalgia. maybe ive mentioned it. myalgia means youre sensitive to metals, electronics, magnetic fields and microwave radiation. if you dont use a smartphone (nor have your laptop on during the night) you will never test positive for corona.

as for "unneeded", in the beginning of my corona vaccine, it was hell, got several police reports on me. but afterwards, i felt amazing for ½ year, had no neuroleptics, i didnt even drink coffee nor tea! strangely enough, i spent most of my time then on bitchute, never often leaving the house. that was my own choice though, dont like IRL.

as for "untested", they tested it thoroughly. like the 1300 "adverse side effects" show, the corona vaccine (with help from the self-assembling graphene nanochip) can cause any disease on the planet, as it was only diseases "of special interest". its custom made to attack your weakest spots, what with the 36 snake poisons which is in the vaccine (and all sweetwater across the globe). but after that, if you survive it, you will feel better. again, no one would ever mention feeling better from it. the left is just like the right, feeding off of eachother with blind hatred, and getting controlled by the centre party, aka the rottschilds & co.

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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