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as for my före detta.

xe was beyond me.

i was just one down the line.

a nobody. some cheap entertainment.

like my ex, xe had and have and will have.

looooooaaaaaaaaads of partners.

xe has fun. xe gets angry.

my ex got angry too.

just in other ways.

sara gets angry.

mom gets angry.

dad gets angry.

i get angry.

just in different ways.

erika surely is complicated.

xe is beautiful and rich and smart

and....... clever. intelligent. knowledgeable.

i dont know anyone who isnt.

you could try to see all parts of a person.

its difficult but you have to.

grosssmart said "i am 200% proof".

i decypher that as

xe has all responses already figured out.

all negative (sad, lonely, dead)

all positive (like, dedications)

if you are sad and talk to jhvh.

xe will say the plan is already figured out.

you can try to figure out things.

or........ you can just be yourself.

you cant be anyone except yourself.

you will always figure out new sides to yourself.

you cannot do this with others. only yourself.

everyone you meet. or likes you for whatever reason.

or hears of you. only gets a shred.

the same is for you.

if you practice speaking the truth.

no one will believe you.

if you practive being nice.

everyone will treat you badly.

if you practice lying.

you can fool anyone except yourself.

now a quote which keeps spinning around for me.

everything i have lost.

has been replaced.

by something better.

i never lack.

i just transition.

thus. its ok. its alright.

its wrong and its right.

its just how it is.

i will continue writing.

as long as i have eyes and hands.

there can come a time.

when either or both disappear.

then........ i dont know what to do.

it wont be fun.

but life cant always just be fun.

there are challenges.

you need to choose your opponent.

if you cannot choose your opponent.

there are many ways to win over them.

one part is using their powers against them.

this is sourcecode white magic mirror.

if they use a simple tactic you cant win over.

use the same against them.

do practice of it.

do not think you should do it.

just practice.

it can be as simple as coming up with attacks.

when the time comes. and they attack you.

in their predictable way.

use your white magic against them.

they will never know what hit them.

they will go quiet.

they will think.

but they cannot think.

as they are a cliché.

later they will drink.

forget about their damages.

and know more about you.

its how it works.

you do drugs with friends.

you learn more about friends.

you do drugs for yourself.

you get whatever you wanted.

i searched truth.

my name is sofia.

av Sofia Sotz (ris och ros)

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