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so. the vmat2 deactivation is complete you could say. it cant get any worse than this. except, it will get worse.

i see things more clearly now. all truths i know now were valid before. oh. already wanted to delete this. ill post a mirror on mr poetry site then.

i could stay off computers except im at a housing which doesnt even exist in the fourth dimension. so i can quit. and i have the graphene in my body. so i cant quit.

on the plus side, i affect the entire world. earth, pretty much. this is spoken of in the quran i heard. so you could say i am on allah state of mind.

except im not. a good muslim has good discipline and i do not have that.

i have it in regards to art music poetry etc. but i didnt put good thoughts into it.

you could call it pheromones, except the same is true on the phone. so it has to be something else.

what was called the ether before.

it could be called knots in string physics.

or related articles. this could be explained with the voxel theory.

if you think something or someone is some way, a voxel is created.

a voxel is said to be a 3d pixel. so instead of seeing the world for what it is.

it is based on how you were told it to be.

i heard in venezuela or some latino country, theres a place with constant thunderstorms.

just all the time. all the time.

someone else could hear the same thing about sweden, about europe.

we have gods here too. though they tried to corrupt them and also document them.

they are still here and they are real.

when we are globalised it gets confusing.

how many karma debts are there?

how many missions do you need to accomplish?

if you sin towards multiple religions.

what is the afterlife like?

one of the last things i heard before i quit bitchute.

is that even the emerald tablets are a lie.

and that mountains are really just melted computers.

sand is silicone so it makes sense.

some people see the world as computers.

maybe i do.

i dont remember a far past when i had colourful vision.

it really doesnt seem like starsigns exist.

its only dependant on how many drugs you take.

if people have sinned against me.

which they havent. i forgive them.

i do not remember their names.

but since i see things more clearly now.

i do remember their names.

some names i forget. is that good or not?

if everything is stored in the akashic library, that is not possible.

religious people have it easy.

god forgives people. allah punishes people.

is one theory.

if you sin against a religion too much.

then you get into hell.

for me this is like nietzsche told.

heaven is on earth and in our minds.

thus hell must be as well.

i have been in a place where everything i did was wrong.

no matter how much i thought through it.

energies and emotions bella said.

but it must be the ether.

not even quantum theory accounts for how i interpret the world.

my phone is probably gone. the drugdealer stole it.

but powerful people dont just kill you.

they use subversive ways.

if you wanted to kill you they would.

its much better to punish you passive aggressively.

or change your world around. one bit at a time.

then you realise what you have done.

but then its already too late.

immortal technique calls this

"the point of no return".

as i do not get an emotional or intellectual response from music.

rap spoke to me. except the first album i bought.

it seemed to just be thrash.

but this was the world given to me by sara.

there. i said her name.

you cant escape yourself.

so just be true to yourself.

and handle the consequences.

if you try to be a zero that is all you will be.

you will have a god a saviour and so on.

gods are not how we think they are.

if you listen to an artist long enough.

it can seem as if they speak to you.

maybe they do maybe they do not.

if more than 1 person hears that music.

it can also speak to them

it can be confusing to know when a song was written.

since i write "too long" my writing is original.

or maybe it is not.

einstein said "creativity is being good at hiding your sources".

on bitchute the jew hate was at an all time high.

but again, that was only the world given to me.

the word "depression" could mean "to be in hell".

everything is confusing with so many sources nowadays.

so you have to filter it out, rhiannon and kirin.

("dad we know that")

etc. theyre not pissed that i quote them. yet.

snus is gone since i came back.

there is ownership. this is related to knots in string theory.

if you do not put your energy into something.

it does not dissipate. it rather gets worse.

if you have that connection once.

since facebook everyone is connected to everyone else by 3 friends.

i cannot really grasp that number.

in the 1990s it was said to be 6.

so with just 6 people you were connected.

to everyone on earth.

again i cannot really grasp that number.

i know venus died.

i killed an entire planet.

except i did not.

i gave it away. my homeplanet.

men are from venus women are from mars.

i am not at fountain house and radio totalnormal and dynamo

or any other place i have ever been at eventhough i am.

this can be explained with shrödingers cat.

the cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

you cannot tell its state from outside forces.

all you can do is open the box the cat is in.

when you open it the cat is dead or alive.

your belief creates the illusion which is your world.

that is how it works.

i believed in the hivemind but it is not true.

when you trip plus polarity you get visions.

normal people do this. they get visions.

i am on my own so its minus polarity.

so whatever i try it turns ugly.

i corrupt the world.

now, this is what is given to me.

my reality. my ego illusion.

dreams can be said to be true but you can dream too much.

that is an old opinion of mine.

i did not speak it.

i gave barack obamas self biography to a mulatto woman.

i did not get a hug, she just looked happy.

i contacted her on facebook some years ago.

she replied with "jättekul".

slang doesnt work the way it want it to.

then i would understand it and that is not how things work.

kul is short for kulturberikare.

everyone uses it constantly. left or right or center.

kul means more outlaw.

it means rape.


you can use a single word like if you have downs syndrome.

and everyone will still understand you.

someone will understand you.

if you train your discipline well enough.

if you become master. that is 10 000 hours.

except, a usual lifetime is 100 000 hours.

if you have discipline in your family, it adds up even more hours.

i do not think it is not possible to not make mistakes early on in life.

thus i wonder if i existed before i was born.

that is the world given to me.

i could have done it differently. except 1 quote reads:

"if i could live my life again, i would make the same mistakes, only sooner"

this contrasts with immortal techniques

"ask a nigga if he had another chance"

thus, you can be yourself. but there is a law.

there are laws everywhere.

(written in stone or air)

now im getting off drift.

i could not listen to music.

except it gets lonely.

and i do not like the sounds of silence.

because of corona i have gotten so lonely.

that............... i cannot allow it to get worse.

except, i cant escape it.

so i will get into rättspsyk soon.

except i have some sort of premoniscense.

so if i fuck up and am about to fall off a cliff.

i stop the car before it happens.

other people have other worlds.

i can only speak of mine.

as i think back now which is easy.

when i got internet......... i havent really changed since then.

gold is latino frequency electricity is reptile frequency.

or to say it another way.

gold is for warriors electricity is for cowards.

again immortal technique

"not fate its all planned"

those words hit hard.

i got a psychosis when i was 6-7 when karin cried for an entire year.

i do realise i lived every day to day.

and i had a stop watch maybe with year as well.

in either case, it took around an entire year before she stopped crying.

of course she mourns him still.

and i cannot be mad at my mom, because............ shes my mom?

how......... would that be possible?

the psychosis i cannot say was negative.

the colours nor people changed nor my thoughts.

i turned clairevoyant.

then not much later first grade started.

and i was told i knew nothing and that i was a nobody.

the problem is, i already knew how to count and write and read form kindergarten.

so school was not really needed.

cant say i learned much.

so. i have discipline like others.

except, it is only related to art.

and to quote a bella quote

"they say dreaming is dead and no one does it anymore"

i cannot really agree with it. because im the only dead dreamer.

oh. tired.