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i am ð shadow
on ð oðr side
of ð church
i gloom in ð light
of electronic beings
beyond cosmic radiation
somewhere at black light
i indulge in gold
48 karats
at ð very least
& diamonds
by ð thous&s
i am ð ordered chaos
of ð big bang
i amass energy like
a bluewhaled bulimic
without ever coming out
except in acception
of who i am
& what my
dalarna & norrl&
roots granted me with
i am ð alpha & ð omega
& ð omnipresent lagom
i am ð emphatic
of everlasting
re-values of
no money
no respect
no right
& 0+8-
thing left
double venusian
singleh&ly always
spinning at ð opposite
to arrive with delusion
of non-gr&eur
an organism of part light
white fingers blue h&s
that heal or revel in it all
an atom an atom an atom
4 dimensions is enough
voxels voxels voxels
ð genius of stupidity
ð decay of forever
ð disgust of perfection
ð perversion of holiness
priest monk nun all in one
ð supersonic that doesn't stop
at anything at whatever ð costs
except at everything over & over
two found infinities that break apart
by part that is less glorious than
any cold fusion couldn't dismantle
see through me as transparent aluminium
but never knock on or off my branches
for ð roots reach down and down
and up to ð sky beyond
ð universal broðr
can't you see ð spark of curling
we are all omnipresent kings & queens
devouring every spectral unreality
once mind one's mind 1's mind
mining wormholes in ð
fashion continuum fabric of neon clothing
which is only scratching ð surface of super strings
acquiring data to output beauty beyond beauty
zero spin zero colour gas giants
remember mars remembering us
reptiles on ð brink of teslation
obscurity beyond obscurity
ð mp3 factor
we are all hidden sounds
which compress oh so well
into OM beyond OM
attraction beyond attraction
to arrive at everything at once
the goodliness that shows zero mercy
versus noncomplete togetherness
forever beyond forever
the disc the hyper sadle the hypersphere
where we are arriving beyond arrival
the message beyond the message
the insanity beyond the insanity
the tiredness beyond the tiredness
the the beyond the the
the taste beyond the taste
the hit beyond the hit
the wonder beyond the wonder
freud beyond freud
output beyond input
the cover beyond the original
the writer behind the artist
the singer behind the song
the mother before the child
the father before the patriarchy
the circusized elephant
the appretiation in a buttonclick
the love in a box
boxing beyond boxing
the censored beyond censorship
the mothership of all that is and wouldn't be
the creator beyond belief
the time without time
the grief beyond happiness
the happiness in sadness
the insight of nothingness
the merging with the all
the egoism beyond egoism
the gold beyond gold
the diamonds beyond diamonds
the big fucking bang
the bigger crunch
the losing church
the beauty of suicide
in every form
because we lose and lose
because we are
looser beyond looser
losers beyond winning
one heart won heart
download beyond upload
the world's collected
musical treasures
beyond the infertility of hitting
on someone who is
wanted by someone else
in another contiuation
of the nothingness beyond nothingness
this is blue light beyond the sky
this is 1000 fps beyond fapping
this is 10 keys beyond grammar
this is a true multi-tasking environment
beyond BSOD in all of its forms
of forms beyond forms
of vision beyond blinded by the sun
to a true beauty of tripolarity
of unicorns beyond unicorns
of gods beyond gods
of pleasure beyond pleasure
of shame beyond shame
to arrive at the other side
of the lightheadedness
beyond darkness
to arrive at the other side
somewhere in space time
of feedback beyond feedback
of appretiation beyond hi
of a whole life of challenges
which are so easy if you
just try a little bit harder
at fitting into everyone else's
ego bubble of neverlasting
everlasting astral projection
in darkness of turning off and on
burn the bra hail the wise
of wisdom beyond wisdom
hail the true beauty
which is in all forms
empathy wins all and loses all
5000 hz communication of
dirt beyond dirt
of hurt beyond hurt
of love beyond love
to arrive at the loop
which loops the loop
to the negative side
which is the only positive
in this world this world
this mold of a
computer generation
where only the normals survive
on self denial beyond self denial
for the black bird is singing
and doves shit is all white
super singing beyond
super slinging
an orangutang X'd gorilla
crossbread beyond eating
i can see the light
and i can feel the darkness
and it still shines
and it's still infinite space left
googleplex beyond googleplex
anxiety beyond anxiety
god's will beyond god's will
religion beyond religion
pride beyond pride


(lost in cyberspace)

av Imperfexion Ix Perfexion (ris och ros)

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