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there were people before the spaniards though. i know them all-too-well, because i am them. latinos call them "vikingos". and tech has a song about them, which is seldom, if ever, quoted. and people think suicide bombers are bad?

this is a story relayed by a guy from manchester:

somehow, in the 8:th century, the people of the north of europe, discovered a moonstone, which allowed them to travel by boat in any weather, under any condition, even across the atlantic sometimes.

by how feminism works these days, an essay says, that the more sexism is eradicated, in a country, strangely enough, the more extremes there are between the genders. doesn't that mean, once upon a time, that africa was the most developed part of the world? i can only speak for stockholm, but here, the guys (which, yes, i am one of) are hellfirish demons, and the women are the most angelic creatures known to earth. both sides are completely intolerable. the guys get mad about absolutely anything, and they'll diss / beat / rape you, if you even look at them wrong, wear the wrong clothes, have drunk too much, or are lonely enough. the women, on the other hand, have impossible demands, they'll dump you, from a split-second thought you had, for some even worse asshole. or sue your ass off, if you speak one bad word, to them. it's that bad.

now, thinking back about vikingos, if the guys were complete and utter monsters, then the women might've been the greatest carriers of the world's wisdom and empaty? this is what i've seen with some swedish women (and people call me ancient, and ladylike - so i'm both sides, at the same time, the third gender). they are incredible sensual, naturally looking, down-to-earth, and throw around immense wisdom with just a word or a slight movement of the hand. there are still, to this day, professional witches, and their male brethren, noider, once called "conunga", which kung / king is derived from. yes, guys got hung for "witchery" as well back in the days.. both i and bella have the witches mark on our faces (spots forming a triangle), and are, unusually enough, not baptized, so we belong to the natural religion of the druids.

in either case, the vikingos sailed along the coasts.

our neighbors, the finns, hate our guts, and are trying to push us out of their country (though, again, i am 25% finnish - so i know their struggle, diligence, and immense mental and physical powers).

they overtook the last place of the druids (which used to inhabit most of europe - france, italy, spain, for instance - before the romans came) - the english aisles. but not in a single attempt. they went to france, which then got a district called just "normandie" ("the place of the north-men"). after mixing with the general population, gathering troops, they.. invaded large parts of britain. to this day, you can still see it in the english words of food, the cheap ones have druidic names, the expensive ones, french..

the germanic / french / druidic mixed race, now invaded large parts of the world, they even managed to get all the way to china (hong-kong) and india (unlike mr "the world is flat"-columbus). eventually, they started going to kongo.

joseph conrad's tells a strange story about this, in "heart of darkness", which the movie "apocalypse now", is based on. this is a story from someone else though:

as history books say, and i distinctly remember being told in school, is that african leaders sold their people to the anglo-saxons. this is fake news. the white men said they came in peace, set up shop, and began taking care of prisoners of war, that one tribe had, saying that they were going to "reform" them. but rather, what they did, was ship these people, to the americas. they then gave that tribe, and others as well, weapons, and started feuds between them, so they'd get, yes, even more prospective slaves.

something to consider - maybe, the main reason, that one speaks english in the US, is because of, all the irish immigrants, which came there early.

read the lyrics, from sinead o'connor's song "famine", for more information.

so i don't want anyone saying, we, the white peoples, haven't known pain. (north) ireland is still a shithole, since just as many years back as africa and the americas.

it obviously gets better though, as vikingos were ruined 500 years before them. i guess the pope, 3 centuries after the northmen have had their fun, eventually got tired of our wicked ways, and sent the inquisition to reform us, too.

swedes, strangely enough, these days, are one of the most docile people in the world. to quote an internet forum: "it's so easy to rob blondes, you just go from one, to the other, and they never put up a fight, lol". maybe the 70 years of social democracy in the 20:th century has something do with it. not sure. or just that we adopted the christian teachings, in a particular way, in our country, over the years.

uh, too tired to write more. sorry if i dumbed it down.

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