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war? ok, lets see. first nuke all of north america, as theres nothing worse than dumbed down orthodox christians. then, take out europe as well, its basically all bible-huggers (protestant or not doesnt matter). large parts of africa is pretty inundated with missionaries, so bomb them as well. northern africa and the middle east? hell yeah, muslims whole way of raising their kids is constant gangbangs and beatings.

hindus are obsessed with sex, just look at the kama sutra. they need to go as well. east asia? to judge by hentai or just "normal" anime / manga, these are the worst deviants on the planet. fuck em up! australia? do we care? 95% vaccination rate? lol. well, its just familytrees based on sex offenders that got dumped there from england. let them have their hillsong churches by themselves.

there. one giant nuke should do it. how about making one of those safe and effective green energy tokamak reactors "leak out" a little of those 70 million degrees? blow the whole earth into smithereens, give us a second asteroid belt.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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