We are stars that exploded

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We are stars that exploded


imagine you are the
breath of the universe

that has one thought
every 3 billion years

the calm sentient being
that existed before even
time and space existed

that exists between
the big crunch
and the big bang
of the multi universe

some call it
shuddha prajnyana

some call it tao

some call it love

some call it kali

some call it thor

some call it ra

some call it god

some call it allah

some call it zarathustra

imagine you are this being
and you are at once
experiencing yourself

as trillion grains of sand
as a billion planets
as millions of humans

which at the same time
also have a sentience
a mind
a world
of their own

if you can
you are the universe
and the universe is you

you are not useless
you are not a statistic
you are not static
you are never ever
forgotten in an
eternity of eternities

because you are
space and you
are time

you are all of us
on this journey
through space
and time

you are the universe

we are stars that exploded

we are the universe

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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