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if you havent noticed yet the internet is only metaverse now. runescape was supposed to have fresh start worlds but none exist. if it feels lonely in a strange way when you talk to people (in real life as well) its because youre talking to a ghost of your failures. we are all dead graphene killed us. in shanghai they scream from the rooftops. they get water and some veggies and however much electricity for their smartphones. we are killing ourselves and they killed us. welcome to realiti. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9XKLqGqwLA we are ruled by dragons they cause natural disasters. a chinese army killed off all the dragons in japan in the 500s. but they respawn as shadowdragons instead. the fukushima heats the water all the way to the westcoast in america. obviously shedding means it goes into the water. welcome to realiti. welcome to realiti. they put the vaccine in the water in animals bugs are already emulated. doves are security cameras always been so. theyre putting vaccines in trees. everything is dead. i talked to my sis recently for the first time via telepathy. she said she was gonna delete me. went to town the next day, someone talking on a mobile phone cursed me into it. we are all dead. anyway i dreamed about the metaverse years ago but like usual i dont remember my dreams. i annoyed the admins a lot in runescape. i got it handed to me. you have free will but eventually the gods get tired of you. it happened first in 2006. an angel said "dont overdo it" but i had nothing else to do. slept so shallowly for 3 weeks it didnt feel like sleeping. couldnt eat. my tongue had a yellow layer to it. could only drink water nothing else it just couldnt even get on my tongue. anyway HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. you have accepted your fate so its alright for you ill be punished. forgiven/forgotten. people knew about this in the 80s cyberpunks went to malls wearing gasmasks because theres so many toxins. now you need a hazmat suit worse than atomic bombs we all are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PinTAGbIsV4 shes a mason

av Stjärna Hav & Tagg (ris och ros)

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