Welcome to the other side

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would you like a smoke? would you like to be cool? no you do not you have no idea whatsoever horror gore thriller sci fi fantasy movies they dont prepare you for this a demon will take place of your soul you will have near zero control of your body you will get to another place another dimension its still you its still in your world but its the world of places beyond nightmares whatever you do dont be cool dont smoke dont do drugs dont drink it seems so romantic from a distance but its not its just horror i dont know how else to describe it go for walks in the woods at beaches swim drink fresh springwater you do not want this world it cannot be explained it cannot be felt either it is beyond the ether even if someone was with me now maybe theyd hear me scream see me shake in torment but me im ok i was just i was in hell but my soul was gone my soul was gone my soul was gone my soul was go ne welcome to the other side welcome to the space inbetween i do not know its name if i am forced to give it a name i shall call it i do not know i do not want to know but now i know it changes you forever theres no turning back point of no return those were some strong demons and i remember this happening before tonight a demon came into my head set up shop this is your new reality mental hospitals censored business are nothing compared to this