White noise

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White noise


thats a fraud. it went up just when CERN got started again. the meters for it only go up to 50hz. but, yeah, they were at 1000hz. frequency is so much more than electricity. id say, theyre opposites. electricity keeps you at the frequency its at. but gaias frequency is sub-sonic. i know everyone has tinnitus this day. they dont think about it though. remember when you went up to a fat-screen back in the days, and it sounded just like the image when no channel was selected? static. white noise. even better, audio compression technologies do the same thing. both analog compression on low bitrates (ie below 24-bit, "the volume war"), but also mp3 and its followers. mp4 at 64kbps (what soundcloud uses now) means only 5% of the original signal is there. 95% is noise. and we feed our ears with this. the problem is, the noise is intelligable for our brains, subconciously. noise is the opposite of synchronicity.

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