Why christianity sucks

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Why christianity sucks


as ive mentioned many times, i know illuminati. and since that name comes from "illuminate", it cant mean the same thing as "satanist". which it does though, since that name originates from saturnist. anyway, these people do really horrible things, since they have knowledge of ancient magics. they do as many good things though. but then again, i prefer eastern religion. and in most religions around the world, dieties are equally good and bad, just like people. i tried to read the bible, but got turned off from "fear jhvh" (like any slave owner would phrase it) all the time. really, if you think about it, with qanon etc, you might have met illuminati too. many hide under the guise of normal religion, normal jobs, normal manners. oh, christ actually means shit? gawd, i do really hate christianity more and more for every day. i did meet one (illuminati too, she wanted to drink my blood) who practices the lost art of selfless giving. shes again gonna get me a comfy armchair. its not much, but hey.. (but then again, when she comes around again, im not sure if she wont drink my blood). you know christians say no one is allowed to use magic except yeshua / jhvh? well.. they sure pray a lot. what do they pray for? both good and bad things to happen. magic. christianity is so full of paradoxes its silly.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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