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Woke rpgs


as for the "games are racist". i dont know if you remember, but some RPG (tabletop?) changed, that instead of "races" (thats racist!) having different abilities, and being able to wield different armour / weapons. they all changed it to, that no race was any different from eachother (no stat differences), and any race could use any item (a tiny goblin wielding a 2-handed axe? ok..). save for the fact that it was dumb, it also caters to the lefts shallowness. like all these stupid items nowadays, that doesnt even change your stats around, and cant be used in battle. SERIOUSLY, in runescape, you can have people running around with a purple horse next to them, WEILDING A PLUSH mini unicorn in their hands. and im like.. WHAT? if you wanna play tamagotchi / the sims, you fucking play that. KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY RPGS!!!

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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