Writing and my lack of inspiration

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i just realized
im mostly inspired by

my mom (she loves spiders)

dust (ectoplasma, the ether)

anxiety (opens up a portal)

and i dont have
much of that left

mom moved south

theres people which
help me tidy
up my apartment
every single day

and the anxiety is so
bad that i try to avoid it

and i have 5g
radiation on me

what mostly inspires me is calm
i get it from chocolate
but no matter how much i eat now
nothing happens
i miss you
karin marianne johansson
i realize now
the times without inspiration
where usually winter
when i couldnt visit you
and when youre far away
my roots are gone
i have no wings either
but i try to be more down to earth
help people
in computer games
it might sound pathetic
but for bullied geeks
computer games are the ultimate
i try to help newbies along
and give away things
its a nice life
and its not so bad
i just have to get used to it

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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