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why xvids is good for you

or: the practicality of non-sexualizing everything except pornstars

so. ive never really been into music videos, until recently. and still, i dont really care for them. didnt look at much MTV back in the days. for once, because it had advertisements all the time. even VH1 just HAD TO have just as many pauses, which were more annoying than ads, really. and there wasnt much variation in the content, either.

now, i liked miley cyrus "midnight sky" video a lot. not because of the "supposed" sexiness, but because of the vapour-wave aesthetics, and the original production. i cant ever recall buying any of my 1000's of records, because the cover art made me sexually aroused.

i happened to find kali ucha again, which i actually happened to spot first on MTV, a year ago, with a song about telepathy. not really an incredible depth or anything to the translated vocals. and besides, they photoshop her to the world and back, but i dont really find her aesthetically pleasing at all.

and its this thing. in the pretend world, the only thing that excites me is porn. this is not a problem! because, i dont allow my dick to control my existance completely!

i listen to music, because it sounds good. its well made, has genuine emotion, and sometimes, if youre lucky, good lyrics, that actually teach you something too.

now, i really wonder, how normal guys and gals go about their day. since i made this distinction in my mind, with attraction VS appretiation. i can, usually, when i wake up, after having slept all night, and usually, for unfortunately too many hours sometimes, indulge in porn.

but then i can, for half of my waking day or more, be free! then i can be intellectual! i can experience the world, without allowing my inferior "little brains" to overcome me with its totalitarian view of things.

so, my tip to you, oh-so-holy catholics. that instead of thinking about sex with your whole being constantly, you should instead jack off excessively. you might have to cum several times, before the loneliness wears off.

the thing is though, when youve achieved this, when youve drained your sexual energy for the day, you get an incredible clarity.

and, lo and behold, youll start treating people better! you wont see them as just an object of desire, but as a person. and youll treat yourself better too, because you can divert, large amount of your time, to being an actual person too, instead of being stuck in self-indulgency, and wanting everyone to "affirm" you.

i see this problem all over stockholm today. people seem to actually.. live off of sexual energy?

me though, ive struggled to find the truth. the ultimate truth even. can be a difficult subject. and im getting closer

it seems, for normal people, they can flirt with everything in existance, and barely output any of value at all - beyond, just, flirting - when they open their mouths. and theyre seemingly content with this?

i was naive for so long. i figured i could make proper thought-out arguments to win people over to my side, or stop them from just plainly treating me badly all the time.

the problem though, that no matter how much i seem to think about sex, id argue that everyone else out there, is a bigger whore than me.

and if not, if they manage to say anything of value, they expect, after awhile, to be sexualized. while i, before their shit-storm of sexual frustration hails all over me, had started to adore their self-worth.

to say it once again: i dont have much good things to point out about christians. if not for the simple fact that priests rape kids in churches constantly. because they are, quite simply, sexually frustrated. and the so called chastity theyre supposed to adhere to is just a joke.

id say this goes beyond all churches in the world, and all priests. this goes for normal catholic and protestant people too.

that christianity has grown to a stage 4 cancer of the world, with a supposed 2.4 billion adherants, is just sickening. especially when they have a whole belief system, which they neither adhere to, or really, believe in at all.

to quote nietzsche again:

"the world 'christianity' is already a misunderstanding. in reality there has been only 1 christian, and he died on the cross"

he missed an important person though. maybe there were more. two, to be exact. this is what is called the holy spirit, or rather, the virgin mary. i have recently heard that she was a whopping 84 years old when she gave birth to him. it was gods gift to her, from not ever being horny.

so, the aim of all christianity, is that every single person on earth, should be like her. that is, to not think about sex at all for nearly their whole pathetic lifetime, and then well all get billions of jesus fucking christs out there!

this is not the case though. since basically everyone fails this aim, we have MORE hedonism, MORE objectification, and MORE sinning!

even better, people think they can lie to god. if hes omniscient, how does this work though? obviously, theyve unknowingly converted to satanism.

i mean, if you go around sexualizing everyone out there, but you dont make it known, are you really a slut then? of course you are. it will eventually come to the surface anyway.

even better, when i started doing drugs, i realized something even worse. if you talk to someone when theyre not high, they could be strict catholics, always with crossed legs, never saying anywhere near a bad word of any sort.

when theyre high though, theyre the dirtiest on earth. but then again, this is a supposed "pretend" world which doesnt really "exist", so they think they can "cheat" their way out of it.

with "high", im talking legal drugs too. like being drunk, smoking, or even just having a lot of caffeine in their bloodstream.

cigarettes are especially potent. when someone hasnt smoked for awhile, they get increasingly and increasingly paranoid, "on the edge", but when theyve taken their puffs, its like night and day. the problem though, as the effect is so fast, it wears off fast too.

still, the anti-nicotine industry has done a smashing job. before i tried it myself, id never, ever, had heard any positive effects of smoking at all. it just seems eradicated?

"oh, theyre mere addicts. they want their high. which after awhile, isnt any high at all. theyre just feeding their demons"

well, maybe the "demon" part is correct. these junkies might have been bible-abiding good citizens once upon a time. then the demon tells them, "hey, theres a way to escape your chastity, while still having it intact! its better than cheating on your spouse! no-one will ever know!"

im here to tell you though, i know. i can see right through you. maybe not a lot of people do, but i can.

so, i encourage you to go to xvids, and search on some fetish youre interested in. then please yourself, and go about the rest of your day being a fucking person, not a person who wants to fuck everything in sight. but rather someone whos been cleansed off their sinful innate behaviour, and can be holy divine lightbeing for awhile. sort of like being drunk, but in reverse.

there is one other way of doing this. its putting yourself in total shock, overwhelming trauma, or complete desensitization. not really something id recommend though, but you wont have any emotive input or output. or rather, it might turn into the opposite: eventually youll get out all of that which was hidden within, and something not-so-nice might happen.

before that happens though, turn to xvids!

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