You are manifest destiny

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if we choose our parents
if we arent like our brothers
who are we
we are stars that exploded
we come from a different star system
all of us
a different earth
a different sun
a different moon
so how we see the world
only we know
through the arts it
can be manifested to others
and through true love
and true friendship
deep wisdom
deep insight
deep reflection
drugs are a shortcut
and notice how you cant mention
or do certain things
when you take them a lot
all drugs are a
separate religion in itself
and the religion is mere satanism
it seems you get stronger
both mentally and physically
but drugs rot your body
and make your mind a prison
we are truly prisms
through hard work
working out a lot
mastering your mind
mastering your body
mastering your movement
mastering your minds movements
it can be easy though
take someone you love
it can be a beautiful smartphone
you take photos with
or a pet
or someone in the family
or even a shallow friend
or an android
or a rock in your hand
or a seashell in your ear
go for walks
along the beach
in the woods
on abandoned country roads
thats where you really are
shower in waterfalls
drink springwater
this took 5 minutes to write
i am manifest destiny
and so are you
you are the captain of your sool
you are the king arthur of your castle
just try for once
even if its only a dime
or a petty crime
or someone you care about
something you care about
an apple orchard you just watered
an oak you just hugged
a shrub that dreams of something greater
a herb which lightens up your day
some nutricious and sweet sallad
some beautiful tomato plants
something to care about
someone to care about
except your self
but you are only your world
so whatever you do
or have done
its alright
the gods and angels
are proud of you
i am proud of you
i am proud of you tracey
i am proud of you bella
and everyone everywhere all the time

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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