You just never know

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I apologize that my output is so big.

It seems my poetic friends don't get time

to read one before another one pops up.

As a Taurus I'm really always lonely,

and as my name is Tomas I am a gemini by so,

so I try to entertain myself.

Maybe I should only post 2 poems a week,

but I want my work out there.

It's a double-edged sword :(

I post on my friends blog-reading site,

it's only her that reads and I don't know

how many fans and troll haters.

It's really lonely as a Taurus.

Of course surfing under an

Oak would be the ultimate,

but it doesn't seem to happen.

I'm on a plethora of sites online,

and I think I will make a new song soon.

Photoshops I do in seconds from

selfies in the webcam photo.

I know I talk

as if I talk

in another language,

I was actually corrected

In-Real-Life on my

"spelling", ehehehehe.

Anyway, writing is life,

and life is writing,

to me, to me, tommy, tony,

tompa, tompe, tokfia.

Be poetry in your whole being,

dance like poetry, talk like poetry,

be free like poetry,

because, like they say

"fri vers är konsten att byta rad"

"free verse is the art

of changing chapter" maybe.

I love you text,

and I love poeter dot se,

but I'm shunned there,

I got trapped because

I insulted someone with my

free non-critique-but-

still-critique words lol.

Anyway, it says that each poem

gets read a bunch of times.

And if I mostly get hatred

and falsehood back now

then that's how it is.

I don't like, again,

as a Taurus, to be unhappy.

And as a Pisces in the Moon,

I want everyone to

swim easily in the water,

no fighting, no fighting!

But sometimes a small fish

gets eaten by a bigger one,

sometimes a net swallows it all.

You just

never know,

you never know.

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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