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This is lost somewhere in cyberspace. I had the indecency to send it to the original creator; hey - xe encouraged remixers, that was the whole deal. Xe then said "I'm quitting the internet". Oops. Didn't mean to. With Bella it finally works. There are many many many remixes of this song, look around on soundcloud, get the LP if you can find it, it's something else. How my music would've been like if I hadn't started at RTN Maybe; you never know.

Rap, Sotz, Jazz & Ballads. I guess that's my music in a nutshell. That's exactly the shows I used to listen to back in the days; one with 20 minute or-the-like dark ambient epics, one with sweet-sounding visor, one with black culture music and the last with jazz from all over the world. I tried to go back to my roots in 2021, instead of making radio- or dancefloor friendly music, being more progressive.

I bumped the BPM up to 999 and then down to 20 to arrive at 120, but as I'm musically illiterate, it was in 4/4 - have never had the guts to experiment with that number. As one of my music-gods say "there's been 100's of design decisions in every single song". Back in NFLs Days, I used to, just like the Get Lucky-duo, tweak a single sound for hours. Art is originality, that's all there is to it.