Youre allowed to have an opinion of your own

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Youre allowed to have an opinion of your own


"people have forgotten the roots of punk. its not related to following a trend in fashion, politics, general opinion, or music - its always about being yourself, and nothing else"

i dont have much good things to say about bitchute these days. its exactly the same thing as the mainstream media, but upside down. i guess censoring the right-wingers wasnt much of a deal after all.

conversative, as you might know, means making everything be the same infinitely. although, if you add different temperatures to is, it might expand (rot / mold). and thus, when you finally get to know what its about, it makes you vomit. or you have a perverse taste, and youll shovel that shit down yours and everybody elses throat, and since they have a disgusting senses of smell, theyll never stop cheering for you.

now, the right and the left is the same thing as well. this was really proved when the new abortion law in america got into effect a couple of days ago. people i used to respect, i mean, they seemed to have actual, passionate opinions about things.

these right-wingers all shouted the same garbage: queers suck, leftists suck, and abortions suck. i mean, didnt youre moma ever tell you, that youre allowed to have an opinion of your own?!


The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

DIRTY BEACHES. ok, i must have gotten the name wrong or something. it doesnt sound like sotz music.


so, i forgot to mention a couple of things

firstly, electronica, as far as i know, comes from 1959, with the specially made huge synthesizer made for the movie ANIARA. or whatever its called. remember: this is my opinion, i could be right, i could be wrong, i could be entertaining, and i could piss you off.

but first and foremost, this is me, expressing myself, in my language. so take it for what its worth, whatever that is.

so, looked it up a bit. electronica is from the 50s, and the computers used to make them, were mainframes. cool real stuff, if youre into that. you can look up modular synths on the net, one of the sellers even has its own downloadable program which you can use to synthesize to your hearts content.

me, spending an entire work-days worth of tinkering with it, was only able to output a car alarm sound, and a primitive way a dog barks.

rest assured, if, when you got a DAW (digital audio workstation) and all you got was a bunch of modular synth modules in it, we wouldnt have much music these days.

the modular synths belonged in the beginning, to mostly upper class, scientific, intellectual, librarian type of humanoids. who looked at music in a completely different way, that most people, even these days, do.

what is now popping up, is generative music. well, we had this in the 50s. although, most people couldnt fathom its power, and they didnt have the millions needed to buy one of these hulking monsters.

then, we had hiphop. whose vocal parts stem from "rapping", which means, in several languages, "to talk quickly". if youve ever wondered why reggae has the same beat or rhythm or whatever. the answer is simple - so it would be easier to DJ. thereof the related genre-name "rocksteady".

then we had electronic music in the 70s. the most prominent, except the art-rockers, were black people, who also happened to be homo or trans. since they dared to be themselves both publically and privately, they also pushed the boundaries for the music they were making.

now, dont take my word for it. i heard this from a special episode of elektroniskt i p2, which were made by women. you see, half of the shows are made by the typical artgeek dudes, and the other part, by feminists, if im allowed to say that.

while the artgeeks went deep into the archives, to explore where electronica came for, the queer musicians and journalists ventured beyond that. now, i dont remember the artist names, but take my word for it, or something?

then, not to forget, krautrock, or industrial music. this stemmed my outmost favorite genre, if not only because its the one ive listened to the most (the QUAKE soundtrack by NIN) but is also the type of music i have produced in. namely, sotz.

now, i could research this thoroughly, and spend the larger parts of 3 months making an essay. nowadays though, i dedicate around 5 hours to a subject, and thats about it.

for once, you could check out the creators of the genre title, also known as, ah kama sotz - and their quite dancable (not pop:y in any way whatsoever though) "none of this is true"

not to lose track, we also had the punk movement. in short, except the looks and all, what punk stood for, is that they had no talent in 1) composition 2) playing 3) lyrics 4) singing. but, as they really wanted to get their message out there, they did it anyway.

now, to this day, i cant tell what A major or whatever is. i am tonedeaf. the only difference i notice between a 100$ and a million dollar guitar, is that the expensive one sounds more crisp in their tones. thats about it though. its the same thing with re-mastered records, they sound crisper, and i dont really care for that.

still, in 2018, i made this record called negative feedback loop, and to this day, it has over 600 000 streams. so i must have done something right.

and my own genre, if it can be called to exist, is a mix of all of these. my third record, before i met any musicians, producers, guitarists and the like, was mainly weird spoken word, and musique concrete (in real life recorded ambient sounds). so, quite artgeeky.

then people said i should be radio-friendly. that is, not make 1 minute or 30 minute songs, and that i should have beats and non-jabberywockey lyrics, so i added that.

another genre, not to miss out on, as its close to my heart as well, is ambient. separate from new age, which came in the 90s, and industrial. in that, yes, its trying to mimic real life, but on the grander scale. with things like dreamsotz, which really is closer to the sound of gravity, of heavenly bodies, and angels - perfectly composed in steve roachs early 1980s album structures from silence.

what sets these people apart, or any musician or artist or poet really, is that they wanted to say / express something, and they did it. they fucking did it.

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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