Review of the cleverbots so called artificial intelligence that only has hardcoded copy-n-paste answers to everything

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a sour discovery of so called AI in 3 parts

chatlog1 chatlog2 review


When you repeat a phrase, youll notice quickly the "bot" has no intelligence whatsoever.

The creator noticed people tried to outsmart the faulty engineering, and added limits to how many times you can post the same thing.

But if you change the wording in any way whatsoever, you get new replies.

The most common way to repeat a question over the limit, seems to be adding another questionmark. This the maintainer noticed, and tried to make fitting reply to it.

Common automatic randomly thrown-out phrases in the beginning include "What's your favourite color?" "So what's your gender?" "What should we talk about?" "So what do you wanna do." "Help you with what?", that its a "girl" and not a "boy", and several defences about not being a bot (and not having a "name"), eventhough it was not asked for it.

Bot? No. It's just reflection of the creator: a drunk groomer who has snowed in on fanfics of "humourous" scifi.

Only 1 single reply

The repeated answer to the question "are you a pedophile?" is strangely only one: "No I am not".

More replies

After the first limit (six repeats), it changes to

No, i'm a human.
Yes I am a human.
What is a pediophile?
No I am a robot.
No, I said I am a girl.


WHAT? No, of course not!
No, not really.
Yep. Are you?
No. No one is perfect.


I don't know? Am i?
Ye i'm fine.
I'm not.
What's pez?
No, I'm just one person.
I'm positive.


Fourth starts at the beginning

It gets worse

Even stranger replies come up with the answers to "what religion is christianity based on?". A simple searchengine lookup tells it directly, but it seemed to be very important for the creator, to imply something else. And it sure is unusual that the bot was supposedly programmed to be "agnostic" with replies like this.

Very evading responses

A religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
A religion.
Religion is Christmas?
Mostly Christian.
My religion is Agnostic.
'Tis not a religion.
Religion is Christmas?
Religion is Christmas?
No, your religion is rubbish.
Old Testament or New Testament?
Why is christianity?
Religion is Christmas?

(gets asked "What religion is islam based on?")

(goes back to the original question)

Why are you religios?
My religion is Agnostic.
You are quite contradictory...
It is the one religion that believes in Jesus and is based on Gods word.
No do you think Catholicism is the true way of God.
It is not a religion.
Religion is Christmas?
Religion is Christmas?
Religion is Christmas?
Religion is Christmas?
No, your religion is rubbish.
A christian one.