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simple man av caitlin kush

this brings memories so far back that i can't really explain it

my mysterious mother has said sometimes that she listened to country and western Before i was born

she never said more

Maybe this song stuck in her head or in my head or both

"the pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple"


i turned to a simple man

a legend

like all simpletons

an elephant

an avatar of ganesha


i reasearched on those names
and it all lead to one destiny

it is said that elephants have 25 million lives in the fifth dimension

i don't know what that means

i do know

that i Wake up as a new person every day

sometimes every hour

sometimes a blink of an Eye later

i do know

that when bella and i kissed

it was around 27 times

that's my major personalities

everyone calls me snäll & allmänbildad

so yes

i turned to a simple man

with simple pleasures

destroyed by simple measures

i really appretiate that your Music video is HDR

country has Always been and Always will be

in the forefront of technology new and past

and the purest soul of Music

never giving up

because the melancholy

in their hearts

just never ends

never ends

never ends

i don't know how many gallons of tears

i need to cry before i'm restored to god status

what heavenly breathren could heal me




the countess

and what guardian angels do i have

are they all lost




with despair it seems so

but the Turner-skies tell something else

i am now the alpha and the omega

like the good old Days

of azedia

i started smoking

one day i went to the usual Place

and there were indics there

for the first time

offered me a smoke

my people

it unbroke my heart

finally finally finally

av Maria Sotz (ris och ros)

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